Saturday, August 20, 2016

Unmounted stamps - just the rubber, thanks

Today's task : list a lot of unmounted stamps on eBay. Today's challenge : you can't tell what the pictures are until you stamp them out. No problem when you have the catalogue, but these come from all over the world.

So, I'm inking them up and stamping them out (not always perfectly, but enough to show you the design), then washing and packing for sale. 

Ugh. It's hard work.

But look at the beautiful things we are revealing!

Also, I'm finding I'm getting tired. Check this picture:
...where I've shown you the most unusual stamp design. 

Then I followed it up with this picture:
...where I've carefully shown you not only the back of the stamp, but the back of the bit of paper I stamped it on. The bit of paper is included in the sale, by the way. You can't say I'm not covering details here.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How charming!

Charms - they are adorable, and sometimes, you might even use one in your artwork. But where would you get a parcel of pretty charms?

Oh, you know what I'm getting at. I'm offering heaps of interesting charms and other tiny accessories on eBay.

Oh, wow, cool, huh?
Wow, neat!

Here's the link to eBay.

See ya there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's in these boxes?

Wouldn't you like to know? Actually, stick around, you will know soon enough. Lea's collection includes heaps of ephemera, accessories and general STUFF that stampers like to collect. And because it's Lea, they are beautifully stored, in superb condition, and of the best quality. I'll be working on listing these next. I may be some time.

Oh, and there are TONS of these boxes!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

We're on to the heavy stuff now...

And by heavy, I do just mean literally heavy. The stuff that's going to be harder to pack, and to haul to the post office. But that you will love!

I mean, check these out:
Alphabet punches, people! There are two different sets. These use the system where the punch doesn't have a button, but slots into a handle for use. That means it's easier to punch, and saves on storage space.

Also there's this gem:

These are the "Endless Stamp" set from Sanby. You clip those letters together, and make words you can stamp in one go. And get them lined up. I'm selling two sets, and I'm selling them as one lot. Why two sets in one? I know you are going to need to make the word "Happy", and you'll need two sets for that!

This week's goodies are listed in a variety of categories, so use your searching mojo to find all of my items.

Please be patient with postage. These are bulky items, and will fill the standard satchels quickly. I'll estimate your postage any time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas has come... Well, sort of

Today's the day the Christmas stamps I listed on eBay are closing. So shop now if you are looking for a most unusual addition to your Christmas card making!
What can I tempt you with? This one's amazing, a cube with six images...
Or this utterly classic holly sprig...
And because I'm a genius, this set of little stamps went into eBay with a title suggesting they are Christmas stamps too. It was a cut and paste error, obviously. These are gorgeous through, also closing today. There's a bicycle!
See them all at my eBay listings.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I found the teddy!

While I've been listing these stamps for sale, any "odd" ones have been going into the too hard box. So, things that don't fit the current theme, or that are hard to show in a photo. I just cleaned out that box. It's a bit of effort to show the cubes (I had to stamp some of them out!).  And at the very end, Ali just shook the box, and all the odd stuff is in one listing.

There's a teddy. There a cow. There's an excellent PSX Easter bunny stamp, which in any other company would get a listing all to itself. There's a starfish and a shell. And a cocktail.

Anyway, you go and bid, and I'll get working on the all these unmounted stamps!

What, Christmas already???

Yep, stampers that celebrate Christmas have to think about it pretty early in the year. I've just listed a whole lot of gorgeous Christmas stamps. The way I see it, you buy now, you get your order during July, play with your stamps during August, arrange paper and other supplies in September, and make your cards in October. Then it's all done before you are in a rush, and before it gets too hot.
So, here's some of the goodies on offer. Michelle Ward did this fantastic "Twelve Days of Christmas" set, presented in two cubes. Wow!
And here's the pictures themselves - how cool!
And how about this one :

See the whole lot at My eBay listings. Merry preparing-for-Christmas, stampers!